about Dysconnected

dys– (prefix) bad, ill, abnormal; as in: dysfunctional, dysphoric,  dystopian

Dysconnected is about the challenges of navigating the powerful distractions of our wired world.
It’s about encouraging us to consider the risks of becoming isolated despite so many ways of ‘connecting’.

The Book ‘Dysconnected: Isolated By Our Mobile Devices’ features over 75 images derived from pen and ink sketches, juxtaposed with ideas, opinions, and facts, from various sources, all with the intention of encouraging the reader to think about our use of our personal technology. Read more or purchase a copy HERE..

or via http://dysconnected.com/

e-mail:   dysconnected1 (at) gmail (dot) com

images © 2015-2016
AS, Vancouver, Canada

5 thoughts on “about Dysconnected

    • John:
      Your appreciation is itself appreciated.
      It’s nice to know that there are humans out there actually looking at these drawings.
      I’d agree the last 16 years have been momentous.
      Tech is so seductive; we’re going to have to battle to stay grounded in our ‘first lives’.

      Liked by 1 person

    • Hi Richard:
      thanks for the question, and thanks for following Dysconnected.
      The answer is, thus far, no – but there soon will be.
      I’m working on that right now.
      Stay tuned, and it’ll be announced here when available.


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