Three Choices If You Want To Use The Technology: 1. Delete Your Social Media Accounts, 2. Learn How They Work, or 3. Become A Drone.

“People have to take responsibility to become literate in a new way, if they’re going to use the technology at all. If you just can’t find it in yourself to delete all your social media accounts, then you must take it upon yourself to really learn how it works… learn how the addiction cycle works, learn how the manipulation works, become more aware of it. If you can’t make one of those two choices then you’re becoming a drone, and you’re not fully functioning as a citizen in the new world.”

– Jaron Lanier, ‘digital visionary’, on ‘The Future of Our Digital Lives’, Intelligence Squared podcast (21:00), 17 Nov 2017

Dysconnected, the Show

We are pleased to announce the upcoming ‘Dysconnected’ gallery show, featuring 64 pen & ink drawings from the ‘Dysconnected’ series.

Please join us for the opening:

When: Wednesday 15th November, 2017, from 6:30pm onwards.

Where: hfa contemporary gallery, 320 – 1000 Parker Street, Vancouver BC

Come and have a glass of wine and take a look at the work.

If you can’t make the opening, see the show at the same time as the East Side Culture Crawl (16 Nov – 19 Nov 2017), or later (by arrangement with the gallery).