“I fear your next iPhone will make things worse”

“…I have been wondering whether all those little black rectangles – with their alerts, updates, atrocious battery life and absurd centrality to everyday life – might be more trouble than they’re worth. Given that the fundamental challenges of mobile telephony, email, good-quality photographs and GPS navigation have been solved, are the developers and engineers now in the realm of innovation for innovation’s sake, even as they claim that their latest leaps might take us all to new heights of enlightenment and “functionality”? We know what it’s all about, surely: the eternal tendency of a certain kind of clever person to sell the rest of us things we don’t really need, and the way today’s great leap forward can easily become tomorrow’s yawn.

In that sense, the hype of Tuesday’s iPhone X launch put me in mind not of the hippy dreams conjured by the Beatles, but the Smiths, and a line from their anti-consumerist anthem Shoplifters of the World Unite, which might resonate with an increasingly large army of Apple users: “I was bored before I even began.”

– from ‘Life’s complex enough. I fear your next iPhone will make things worse’, John Harris, The Guardian, 14 Sep 2017

One thought on ““I fear your next iPhone will make things worse”

  1. A great quote, for sure.

    I don’t want face recognition. Your password is a tiny pause that can be your last line of defense. Your last change at mindfully asking yourself “whoops what am I opening this for”?


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