Making ‘Distracted Walking’ A Crime

Texting or even talking on an electronic device [while walking] may soon be illegal in Stamford, Connecticut, if a proposal to outlaw ‘distracted walking’ is approved.
“They’re oblivious to cars,” Stamford City representative, John Zelinsky said.
Zelinsky said the Pedestrian Safety Ordinance is modeled after one approved in Honolulu late last month, and would carry a $30 fine if police catch you in the act.
“I don’t want any more injuries or deaths as a result of pedestrians getting hit. We’ve had about four or five within the past three or four years,” he said.

– from ‘Stamford Officials Eye Legislation That Would Outlaw ‘Distracted Walking’, CBSNewYork, 16 Aug 2017

Selfies That Tell The Truth – Cindy Sherman

Cindy Sherman, the American photographer, has been capturing images of herself since the 1970’s.
Her most recent series of images are manipulated ‘selfies’, shared via her instagram account, and despite the filters and the distortions, are striking for the truths they reveal.

– from ‘Cindy Sherman’s Instagram Account Goes Public, Revealing 600 New Photos & Many Strange Self-Portraits’, Open Culture, 4 Aug 2017