“This is life, this is what is happening. We can’t switch to another channel.”


cartoon by Robert Day, New Yorker, 1970
Many thanks to Barabara Stowe for sending it along and drawing our attention to it.

Technology has always been distracting, but, arguably, the latest mobile devices with high speed internet connectivity are more seductive and offer more of a challenge to attentiveness than anything else that has ever come along.
If this cartoon were to reflect a 2016 scenario, the girl and boy would likely be hunkered away on their tablets or cellphones, unaware of the weather, the predicament, the solution to the problem, or their father’s technical and emotional response. Of course, they may also be able to text for help, or search for technical advice. As the prior post headlined: “What matters, I suppose, is where, and how, you are clicking…”
– AS

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