US University Students Send HUNDREDS of Texts PER DAY

20160207 class scan c

Researchers at Kent State surveyed 493 students, ranging in age from 18-29
Female students reported spending an average of 365 minutes per day using their cell phones, sending and receiving an average of 265 texts per day, and making and receiving six calls per day.
Male students reported spending less time on their phone (287 minutes), sending and receiving fewer texts (190), and making and receiving the same amount of calls as the female students.

Study: Andrew Lepp, Jian Li, Jacob E. Barkley. College students’ cell phone use and attachment to parents and peers. Computers in Human Behavior, 2016; 64: 401 DOI: 10.1016/j.chb.2016.07.021

– from Science Digest, 17 Aug 2016

That average of 265 texts per day for female students means that, assuming the student sleeps for 8 hours per night, they are sending or receiving a text on average about once every 3.6 minutes throughout their waking hours.

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