Entrepreneurs promote‘NoPhone Air’ for people tired of being glued to their devices


“We are very proud to introduce the least-advanced NoPhone ever,” he said at a technology conference in Canada this month. The NoPhone is a plastic rectangle that looks like a smartphone but does absolutely nothing. More than 10,000 have been sold in the past two years for about $10 each.

The latest model is simply a plastic package with nothing but air inside. Mr. Sheldon and his business partner, Van Gould, call it the NoPhone Air.

“We took away the headphone jack. And then we took away everything else,” Mr. Gould said to the crowd. “It may look like nothing is in this packaging. But that’s what’s so beautiful about it.”

As millions of people around the world race to buy Apple Inc. ’s new iPhone 7 and wireless AirPods headphones, Messrs. Sheldon and Gould are part of the growing smartphone-resistant counterculture. They were inspired to make the NoPhone, pitched as “a fake phone for people addicted to real phones,” after seeing everyone at a rooftop bar in New York glued to their smartphones.

– from ‘Hey, Check Out My New Phone! It Does Nothing.’, by Ryan Knutson, WSJ, 20 Sep 2016

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