Paddling 1800 km To Get Away From iPads

20160407 three couch wash edit c

“Two young families from Vancouver found an extreme way to get their kids to unplug this summer — paddling 1,800 kilometres down the Mackenzie River.
Kevin Vallely, his wife, and their two young daughters left their lives and iPads behind to paddle from Hay River to Inuvik, N.W.T., this summer. They teamed up with another couple and their nine-year-old son to make the epic journey.”

Arianna hasn’t forgotten about her screen.
“Yeah, I kinda wish I had an iPad, but we’re out here now so…” she trails off, as her father laughs in the background. But she admits it’s gotten easier to unplug as the trip goes on.

“The wonderful thing I’m discovering with the people here is that they’re generous with their time and they’re generous with what they have. They share,” he says.
“These are the values I want my kids to understand and hold dear.”
Despite going “unplugged,” Vallely is blogging about their adventure and updating an Instagram account along the way.

– from ‘Extreme unplugging: B.C. families paddle Mackenzie River to get kids away from screens’, Katherine Barton, CBC, 23 Jul 2016

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