Welcome to DYSCONNECTED, the Blog

20160114 cybaby1 scan frame edit

Hi! Welcome to ‘Dysconnected’, the Blog.

With the June 2016 publication of ‘Dysconnected – Isolated By Our Mobile Devices’ (the Book!), this blog will change in format. For the first six months, it solely focused on the ‘Dysconnected’ series of images. It will now also incorporate ideas and discussion, designed to encourage us to reflect on all matters regarding the state of our relationships with our mobile devices.

In future, the happiest, most content and satisfied people will be those of us who figure out how to best manage our relationships with our own technological devices. Stories about people successfully or unsuccessfully navigating these waters helps us become more mindful of how we spend time with our mobiles. The images themselves sensitize us to the risks of isolation through tech use, and opinions, ideas and facts even more so.

We will be posting excerpts and links from articles of interest, at times with discussion or illustration. Please add your thoughts to the comments below each article, and also please send us any interesting related links that pertain to humans and their mobile tech.

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